48 WEEKS TO BEING EMERGENCY PREPARED! at home programme and checklist, created by John Halldorson, DEEP organizing committee

48 Weeks to Preparedness
~ at home programme and checklist
~ created by John Halldorson, DEEP organizing committee

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Week 1

-Purchase backpack/gym bag for each family member for Grab and Go Bag.

– Attach whistle to each bag

Week 8

– Put in each container: 1.5 – 3 gal water per person.  You might want to consider a separate means of transporting the water for the whole family.

Week 2

-Fill Grab and Go Bag with change of clothes, 2 litres of water, energy bars and personal medications. Store under bed. Ensure Children put a favorite toy and book in their Grab and Go Bag

Week 9

Put in each container: 3x sticks jerky, 3 x 8oz cans of fruit (applesauce, pears, peaches)

-1x small box tea, hot chocolate, instant coffee

Week 3

-Purchase Hard Hat/Safety Helmet, work gloves and safety googles for each family member and place beside/inside Grab and Go bag.  Place pair of closed toe shoes/boots under bed.

Week 10

Put in each container: ½ pound of instant powered milk, and 1 envelope of powdered juice drink (Tang, Gatorade)

Week 4

-Put flashlight/head lamp, matches and belt knife in adult Grab and Go bags. Put headlamp and child’s favorite snack in their Grab and Go Bag.

Week 11

Put in each container: bedding.  This should be a sleeping bag or 1 blanket, 1 cloth sheet, & 1 plastics sheet for a ground cover, instead.  In practising your family evacuation drill, train family members to quickly roll up sheet and blankets together as they get out of bed and bring these with them as they leave their rooms

Week 5

– Get portable containers for each family member: a plastic bucket, a suitcase, a box, etc.  Plan for means of transporting, if necessary: a wagon, luggage cart, grocery cart, etc.  Select an accessible location for the containers and inform all family members where they will be kept.

Week 12

-Put in each container 2 x cans/packs of soup, 1 x box Kraft Dinner, 1 sleeve Crackers and 1x special treat.

Week 6

– Post emergency phone numbers near each telephone.  Teach each family member these numbers including the number of a relative or friend who lives in another province and can be a contact person for your family.

– Put in each container 1x 6oz can of tuna or chicken and eating utensils (knife, fork and spoon).

Week 13

– Put in each container: 1.5 – 3 gal water per person.  ½ pound of trail mix, 3 vitamin-mineral supplement tablets

Week 7

– Plan and practice family evacuation drills using 2 different escape routes from each room and meeting outside at an appointed place.

– Put $50.00 in small bills in each adult bag.

Week 14

– Put in each container: 1x package jerky,     2 x cans of canned fish

– Put in each container: 1 tube of Chapstick, 1x roll of quarters for phone calls.

Week 15

– Put in each container: 1 small can opener (army style), 1x can Vienna sausages

– Put in each container: 1.5 – 3 gal water per person. 

Week 25

– Put in each container: 6 individual wrapped handiwipes, 15 paper towels, sanitary pads for any family member needing them, and toilet paper rolled up

Week 16

– Put in each container: 3x granola bars, 3x 8oz cans of fruit juice

Week 26

1 small package Kleenex, 1 can nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashew, sunflower seeds),1 box of pasta

Week 17

– Put in each container: 2 large (30-40 gal) plastic bags (to be used as a poncho, ground cover, or blanket), 6 medium (13 gal) plastic bags, a plastic cup & dish and 6-10 small paper plates.

Week 27

– Put in each container of those over 12 years old: 12 waterproof matches with sandpaper for striking, 1 candle in a jar, 1 small pocketknife or paring knife.

Week 18

– Put in each container: 1 small package Kleenex, 1 can nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashew, sunflower seeds),1 x small container of nut butter and 1 x  honey.

Week 28

– Put in each container: 6 safety pins of assorted sizes, 1 towel, 1 washcloth, small bar of soap, flashlight and batteries.

Week 19

– Add 1 change of clothing for each person: underwear, socks, shirt, pants, sweater, hat, work gloves (for those who are helping with cleanup), jacket, & sturdy shoes/work boots.

Week 29

– Put in each container: brush and/or comb, toothbrush and toothpaste

Week 20

– Put in containers: 10-20 foot length of rope, water purification tablets, or medicine dropper with a small bottle of bleach, 1 bar of soap.

Week 30

– Put in $50.00 in small bills

Week 21

Put in ONE container: scissors, tweezers, triangular bandage, needles and spool of thread, cotton, consecrated oil and dish soap.

Week 31

– In each put  a favorite book, box of rice/noodles, 1x box oatmeal, 2x boxed milk

Week 22

– Put in ONE container: Diarrhea remedy, elastic bandage, gauze bandages, ipecac syrup, upset stomach remedy, 6 gauze pads.



– Put in ONE container: small container of dish detergent, dishpan, screwdriver, a pair of pliers.

Week 23

– Put in each container: 1 pkg of rice cakes, paper & pencil, 1 small game (Uno, etc).  Fill out medical release form for each minor child in family and put in appropriate containers



– Put in ONE container: small hammer, and nails, electrical tape, adjustable wrench, signal flares

Week 24

– Put in each container: 2x can pork and beans, 3 fruit rolls (fruit leather), 3 X 8oz cans fruit juice.



– – Assemble in accessible place for quick evacuation: personal documents (genealogy, religious documents, will, insurance papers, contracts, financial records, passports, medical records, inventory of possessions, picture albums.

Week 35

– Put in ONE container: sunscreen, hand lotion, fingernail clippers, deodorant, nail file, and small bottle of aspirin or Tylenol.



– If you have an infant in your family, include: disposable diapers, formula, disposable bottles and nipples, warm sleeper, warm blanket, hooded jacket, baby food, crackers, pacifier, teether, toys, baby aspirin, Vaseline, changes of clothing.

Week 36

– Put in ONE container: Battery-operated radio with extra batteries, scriptures, favourite family book(s)

Week 43

– Add $50.00 small bills

Week 37

– Put in ONE container: mirror (if desired), shampoo, razor and shaving cream, cotton Q-tips, sore throat lozenges, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Band-Aids, adhesive tape

Week 44

-Add 2 gallons of water per person and 2 large tarps.

Week 38

– Put in ONE container: FIRST AID BOOK, sanitary pads (to stop bleeding) burn medication, prescriptions (put personal prescriptions in that person’s container rather than keeping all prescriptions in one container).

Week 45

– Add 1x case of soup and 1 case Kraft Dinner.

– 6 each small dessert cups, 1x box granola bars, and 1x small can of nuts

Week 39

– Put in ONE container: Diarrhea remedy, elastic bandage, gauze bandages, ipecac syrup, upset stomach remedy, 6 gauze pads



Add some of family favorite snacks, games and books

Week 40

– Get a large bucket with a tight-fitting lid to be used as a toilet (some of the families’ preparedness equipment could be kept inside), a folding shovel and an axe.



Add camp stove and pot set to supplies

Week 41

Put in ONE container: spare car and houses keys, spare glasses, etc, needle and spool of thread, whistle on a string.



Add Camp Lantern and extra batteries for flashlights etc


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Car and Truck Equipment

Garbage bags

Keep tanks at least ½ full at all times

Hot water bottle

Spare tire in good repair

Notebook and pen

Jack (know how to use it)

Envelope with stamps

Tire iron

Important documents

Air gauge

Pictures of possessions (insurance)

Tire inflation device

Personal medications

Booster cables

Traction mats or chains

Road maps

Spare oil/lube

Spare can of gas in an approved container

Simple too box


First aid kit



Waterproof matches





Fire extinguisher

Signal mirror


Water can






Water purifier (filter, tablets)

Nylon rope (100’)

Dish pan


Dish soap


Paper towel

Electrical/duct tape

Disposable dishes and cups

Fan belt

Tin foil

Fishing kit

Sewing kit

Favourite games

Reading materials (scriptures)

Favourite hymns

Family Pack

Consecrated oil


Fire starter (steel wool, etc)


Extra batteries and bulbs

Survival book (scout field book)


Sharpening stone

Lantern (spare mantles)


Fuel for lantern/stove

Pots and pans

Utensils (can opener, etc)


Tarps or plastic sheets

Bunge cords

Toilet paper

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