Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs Spring 2017 Newsletter

Excellent newsletter, encouraging and tangible for us to follow. Listed below are a few selected parts to dive into further and let’s plan to study the whole newsletter again.

Click for: Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs Spring 2017 Newsletter

 Seattle’s volunteer HAM radio operators are organized to support communications in the event of disasters or when the city needs assistance in event communications.  His 45 minutes presentation can be seen HERE 

New VIDEO created showing the hubs and importance of being prepared

LINK  to detailed list of activities

Since its first publication in 2015, this newly UPDATED DOCUMENT  summarizes the preparedness efforts of several City departments and offers a comprehensive view of the City’s efforts to-date as it continues to prepare Seattle for a major earthquake.

2017 Strategic Plan Seattle: The City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management creates a STRATEGIC PLAN  each year and then tracks progress to the Plan. 

Specifically for 2016, the Office of Emergency Management has posted its 2016 YEAR-END REPORT