The Purpose of Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (DEEP) ~ 登巴社区地震及紧急事件的预防准备(以下简称 DEEP)

The Purpose of Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (DEEP)


The Purpose of Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (DEEP)

The DEEP program is a citizen’s grass roots effort to ensure our community is able to take care of ourselves after a disaster. DEEP envisions organizing and planning block-by-block, bringing neighbours together to build mutual trust and awareness of each other’s skills and special needs. 


Some of the actions envisioned include building on Block Watch activities like block parties, adding in skill development, training and mutual support for undertaking basic preparation.

We’ll be using the “Map your Neighbourhood” program as an initial step in organizing individual blocks.

DEEP will also attend to community wide issues and resources including working with the City services and local schools and churches to identify places of refuge, provide communication links, emergency medical support, food and security until city and provincial services can be restored.
– Ann Pacey, February 2012

登巴社区地震及紧急事件的预防准备(以下简称 DEEP)





 –安.佩西   2013年2月

With appreciation to Hailey Yang发自我的 for translation of this DEEP Vision Statement 

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