Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN)

Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN)

MYN Meeting Reminder – letter for inviting your neighbours to your MYN meeting.
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MYN_Meeting_Reminder PDF

* How to Mobilize your block for earthquake preparedness!
* Includes the DVD programme & step by step workbooks.
* A great plan for your next block watch meeting.

 Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN) Ongoing Project for Dunbar
* Let us know if you would like DEEP to facilitate a MYN meeting for your block

The comfort of being prepared!

 * Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN) Coordinating our blocks ~  DVD and worksheets 
* Additional copies of the playable DVD’s and worksheets are now available at any of the DEEP meetings  or email
or phone 604 263 9123 or Jael 778 859 1234

*  Requested contribution to DEEP to help cover costs:
two dollars per worksheet, five dollars per DVD or return the DVD to DEEP.
Donations to DEEP by Pay Pal,to, cash or cheque,
receipts by email, post or in person.
* There is a special process for creating DVD’s that will be playable on every type of device. Thank you to those who helped solve this so we now have the playable DVD’s!

Purpose of Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)
* Participating in MYN meetings brings you the concepts and skills for a team response to any disaster.
* The goal of MYN is to plan for our safe evacuation and continuing  support in case of a disaster of any kind.

Facilitating Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)
*  Ask us how to facilitate Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN): the film from Washington State with step by step workbooks.
* Plan a review session every three months, so we build on the MYN process into the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.
* During the past years members of the Dunbar Emergency and Earthquake Preparedness (DEEP): organizing committee presented MYN at DCC, St Philip’s, and for residents on various Blocks throughout Dunbar. Many of you have already participated in these meetings, thank you!  Each time the response is different, the MYN experience turns out to be worthwhile for all.

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) Meeting Invitation & Reminder

The reality is – neighbourhoods may need to respond to fire, injuries, and leaking natural gas during disaster.  This meeting will help us know how.  Please come.

What is a disaster?
Disasters, by definition, are events that overwhelm police, fire, and medical 911 emergency responders.
• 灾害,顾名思义,是压倒警察,消防和医疗911紧急救援人员的事件。

Why MYN?
 MYN helps us organize a timely response to disaster when 911 is unavailable.  All of us, working together, can reduce the serious consequences of disaster in our neighbourhood.

What will we do?

We will learn a 9-step Neighbourhood Response Plan that immediately helps us know what to do – both at home and in the neighbourhood – to respond to injuries, leaking natural gas, and assisting people who may be alone and frightened.  The process is proven, fun, and easy.
• 我们将学习9步邻里应急计划,立即帮助我们知道该怎么做,无论在家里还是在附近,受伤,泄漏的天然气,并协助谁可能是孤独和害怕的人。

We will identify the skills and equipment each neighbor has that are useful in an effective and timely disaster response.

We will map our neighbourhood’s natural gas meters and propane tank locations so we can quickly respond to leaking gas and reduce the threat of fire.

We will all go home with a neighbourhood map, contact list, and skills and equipment inventory.

Press Release in Dunbar Residents Association Newsletter, June 2014:

Twelve people gathered for the DEEP meeting on Tuesday,
April 22nd  at the Dunbar Community Centre.  We viewed the
DVD “Map Your Neighborhood” (MYN), a step-by-step guide
for preparing small neighbourhoods for an earthquake or other
disaster.  The MYN programme was developed by the State of
Washington and is perfectly suited for preparedness in Dunbar.

Dunbar resident Brian Marcus spoke about his experience of
hosting  MYN for his block. Stephen Spiro, Susan Spiro, and
Hiron Bhowmik, volunteers for the Neighbourhood Emergency
Assistance Team (NEAT) and Vancouver Search & Rescue Team,
provided a context for levels of preparedness and response. Dr
Sandra Y.S. Wong,  British Columbia Disaster Psychosocial
Services volunteer (DPS) and BCPA Board Member, contributed
her expertise to the discussion. All agreed that MYN  was an
excellent complement to the City of Vancouver’s emergency and
disaster preparedness programmes.
Meanwhile, the city of Vancouver is also trying to raise awareness
of the need to prepare as individuals and neighbourhoods.
A recently released video prepared for the City  highlights the impact
an event like a major earthquake would have on the city. It also
points out that the emergency services will be stretched beyond
capacity (the definition of a disaster) and people will be on their
own for significant periods of time.

There is much that we can do to prepare ourselves, DEEP is
Dunbar’s response and now it is up to us to spread the word.
Let’s look at ways in which to interest our neighbours in MYN.
We can look to Brian Marcus and others who have hosted the
film and helped to organize their blocks for inspiration.

Let us know if you would like a DEEP committee member to assist you with a MYN presentation and discussion for your block.
* Let us know if you would like DEEP to facilitate a MYN meeting for your block